• Enrol Your Child for the School Holidays

  • At Kids Exercise Active Entertainment we specialise in exercise and recreational programs for children from 4 to 13 years of age.

    Our entertainment and sport programs are altered to suit the children who attend them, rather than trying to get children to fit our programs.

    • We design programs to suit the child
    • We offer various sports & activities
    • Plenty of games & crafts to choose from
    • Learn new sports & activities
    • Rotational programs so that no two days are the same
    • Make new friendships with children at our programs
    • Active & Fun

      Have fun and get active with our lifestyle programs.

    • Qualified Staff

      Our staff are qualified, professional and friendly.

    • Make New Friends

      Our Programs are focussed on positive relationships.

    • Safe & Friendly

      We provide a safe and friendly environment in our programs.


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  • Our philosophy at Kids Exercise is to always deliver more than is expected.

    • Kids Active Holiday Programs

      The best way to describe our holiday care program is to say that kids just love it and always want to come back.

    • Kids Active Party Entertainment

      Sports parties are packed full of fun and the flexible program ensures that everyone has a great time.

    • Quality Care

      Have the piece of mind that the children are with qualified staff.

    • Programs to suit

      We fit the needs of your child in our program.

    • Great Experience

      Not only do your children enjoy the day but make new friends and get some active exercise.

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