About Kids Exercise

  • Born from a passion for Kids Fitness

    Kids Exercise was born from a passion for teaching children to enjoy sports, exercise, activity, eating healthy that greatly contributes to the wellbeing of children.

    A Little About Kids Exercise 

    The Kids Exercise & Active Entertainment business is run by Ivonne Henriquez, a local to the area of Northern Sydney and the current owner of Genbu-Kai Karate at Forestville in NSW.  

    “There is an obvious synergy between Kids Fitness and my Karate Instructing School for not only the obvious fitness benefits to Children in the area but provides a healthy balance between learning, fitness and fun for children.”

    I look forward to continuing the good work over the past 8 years and adding to the wellbeing of the many children that have made and will continue to make Kids Exercise a successful holiday and events program for kids. If you would like the opportunity to discuss our plans just email me for an introduction or call me direct on 0402 727 494.  

    Some of you I already have had the pleasure of meeting through my Karate Classes and look forward to meeting many more of you in our Kids Holiday Exercise and our Kids Party Program into the near future.


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