• What is Kids Exercise About?

    All Kids Exercise program are about getting kids active and having masses of fun as well as enjoying the good feeling you have after a good dose of fun outside.

    My child doesn’t like sport, will they enjoy the program?

    All the programs we run are designed to be all inclusive and above all fun. We are specialists in ramping up the tempo for those who want it or tailoring it for those who want /need to take it easier. It is about each individual child getting benefits for activity outdoors.

    Do your programs run in the wet?

    In all programs we have wet weather facilities so the fun is on hail, rain or shine. In the holidays we know parents rely on us when they are working and a little wet weather doesn’t change things.

    Does Kids Exercise cater for children with movement problems?

    We work one on one with kids with low muscle tone or weight problems, we are very holistic in the way we deal with movement issues and have been very successful in helping kids gain a whole new part to their lives.

    How do I book?

    You can book and pay by clicking on the button below.

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