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    Best suited to children from 4 years and up. The aim of our sports parties is to make things easy for you and a lot of fun for your child. We have a flat fee for our services which on a standard party allows you 32 children and two members of staff.

    You don’t have to let us know numbers or names of children attending the party in advance. If you want a party of more than 32 kids, for quality and safety reasons, we recommend another member of staff.

    We provide high quality entertainment that truly entertains and engages those attending.

    Staff are qualified, professional and flexible enough to run a program that not only suits the age group but also those at the party.

    Parties/active parties are suited to any group of children, we have done parties for the most active boys, mixed parties, girls only parties, right through to the shyest of pre-schoolers. The active party entertainment is suitable for kids 4 – 13 years and the activities are tailored to the age attending.

    Sports parties are packed full of fun and the flexible program ensures that everyone has a great time. Take a look at our testimonials that go right back to our first party in 2005.

    If you would like some healthy party food ideas, that are fun, please click here. If you would like to book an active birthday party, please contact us.

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