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    Well wow!!! What awesome ladies Sandy and Fee are!!!! I was so impressed. They were spot on with everything. Everyone, Kids, parents, grandparents etc all loved them. They were truly amazing. They were energetic, nurturing, their instructions were easy for the kids to follow so the games were all a success. They were brilliant with all the kids… we had all types there from the crying and shy to the hyper and full of beans types of children… they knew how to deal with each child so perfectly. It was like they already knew them all and had been working with them all year. One of the Dads who came with his daughter said there is just no way she will leave his side let alone join in.. and guess what – those beautiful girls had that little girl running cirles in Duck duck goose… Her Dad was sooo proud. He really couldnt believe it. Truly, I wanted to wrap Sandy and Fee up and take them home with me!!! They didnt muck around they set up so quickly in the perfect spot, had names on the kids before I even knew they had arrived, they had labels on drink bottles, games were starting, kids were laughing.. it was the party of the year. They are the true sense of multitaskers!!! Thank you sooo much! Cannot wait to do it all again.. now who says that after a 4 year olds party?!

    Your staff were absolutely fantastic yesterday. They kept full control of the kids including my 6 year old son and his friends and kept the activities running smoothly while also keeping an eye on a couple of kids who got a bit overwhelmed and briefly dropped out of the activities. They skillfully encouraged them to rejoin the games. The kids had a great time which left the parents to chat and mingle and finally join in a noisy but enjoyable tug of war at the end. All in all a great party. A number of people asked me who the company was and I was glad to pass on your details.

    It was fabulous and I will definitely recommend you to whoever asks. In total we had 26 kids ranging from 5 to 9 years of age, the majority being 6 and 8. Elise & Sandy from Kids Exercise kept all the kids entertained for the full allotted time. As my youngest said when he got in the car, “It was the best party ever!” Both Sandy & Elise where very accommodating, ensured that there were enough water breaks, toilet breaks and also ensured that no one illegal was taking photos of the kids. It was very professionally run and accommodated each of the mix of ages, even managing to rope the parents into a Tug of War. It really was fabulous and the kids had a great time! It met all my expectations and professionally run right from the onset of the first email to the actual party! Thank you to you all.

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